For those who want to get a disability loan; they should be able to document their disability with a medical report. In loan applications, identity documents, health report and income documents documenting their disabilities are requested. If it is necessary to answer the question of how to get a disability loan;

Take disabled credit 


Those who want to take disabled credit should go to one of the GFI branches with the necessary documents. GFI acts as an intermediary between the handicapped person and the institutions that will give him disability loans. The applicants forward their applications to the banks.

When the application evaluation is made, if the application is positive, this situation is reported to the applicant in a short time. In the health report required for the disability loan;

The person with disabilities must write clearly what the disability is and how much is the percentage of the disability. If there are multiple obstacles; Each obstacle should be written separately with the percentages.

What are the Requirements to Get Disabled Loans?


Necessary conditions for obtaining disability loan are:

  • Turkey Disabled people want to buy must be a citizen of the Republic of loans.
  • Must be over 18 years old.
  • It should not be under any restrictions.
  • It is necessary to have a monthly documentable regular income.
  • The credit registry must be correct and the credit rating must be sufficient.
  • The requested loan amount should not be more than twice the monthly salary.
  • Disabled people who do not have a lien in salary can apply.
  • The percentage of disability must be at least 40%.

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What Are Banks With Disability Loans?

Banks that give loans for the disabled are:

  • GFI lends up to 30.000 USD with a maturity of 60 months.
  • Good Finance Bank offers a loan option up to 30.000 USD with a monthly interest rate of 2.09%.
  • Honest Bank offers disability loans with a maturity of up to 60 months with favorable interest rates.
  • Good Credit gives credit to the disabled.
  • Disabled people can get credit from New Credit.
  • Although it is not given directly under the title of the disabled loans; Since Honest Bank, Honest Bank and Thrift Bank consumer loans can be obtained easily, people with disabilities can apply to these banks.

What are the Features of Good Finance Bank Disabled Loan?


The features of Good Finance Bank disabled loan are:

  • Disabled people are given loans up to 30.000 USD.
  • Up to 60 months of maturity options can be offered.
  • The monthly interest rate for disabled credit is 2.09%.
  • How disabled people take credit, they need to apply through the Good Finance Bank website.
  • In the event that 10.000 USD disabled loan is obtained with a 30-month maturity; 478.29 USD installment should be paid monthly and the loan allocation fee can be up to 150 USD.

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