When banks will give loans to individuals without requesting a proof of income; they ask the person to show any guarantor, mortgage any immovable property, document an additional income such as a rental certificate, or make a commitment to pay the loan. Especially as housewives who can not prove their income on behalf of the people can easily take credit, it is quite an advantageous service to attract paperless loans.

Undocumented Loan – Application

Loan Undocumented Loan Application

Here are some things to know about attracting non-income loans:

  • Persons with high credit ratings and clean records are given loans without income documents.
  • Applications can be made online, or loan applications can be made through branches.
  • When applying for a loan without income certificate, the identity card is requested from the person. If the person does not have an identity card; passport, driver’s license or temporary identity document are also accepted.
  • The upper limit of the loan to be given is 30,000 dollars.
  • Up to 60 months maturity option is offered.
  • A person who has received a 10,000 dollars loan with a 36-month maturity; In its repayment, it should pay 379 dollars in installments per month, and also 1.49% interest is applied to the loan it takes.
  • Among the people who took credit ; 53 dollars loan allocation fee is charged.

Withdrawing Credits From The Bank Without Income Documents

Withdrawing Credits From The Bank Without Income Documents

Here are some things to know about obtaining loans without income documents from the Bank:

  • It is a type of loan that people who have never had a loan before and who have a clean registry because they have no debt.
  • The maximum loan that can be given is 100,000 dollars.
  • Credit is given with a maturity of up to 36 months.
  • Those who receive this loan are subjected to 1.09% monthly interest.

Undocumented Income Credit Bank withdraw

Undocumented Income Credit Bank withdraw

Find out more about undocumented attract revenues from the bank loans are as follows:

  • In order to apply for a loan without income document, the person needs an identity card. In the absence of a birth certificate; Applications can also be made with a driver’s license, passport or temporary identity document.
  • Credit application without income certificate; It can be done by SMS and internet banking, or from the branch.
  • The maximum loan amount that can be given is 12,500 dollars.
  • The person is a customer and regularly uses the bank’s credit cards; it provides an advantage to the loan application.

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