The cheapest lending banks include North Credit and BNN Finansbank. Many people use banks’ consumer loans to meet their personal needs.

Which Bank Has The Cheapest Consumer Loan 2019

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However, due to the application of interest rates, quite high amounts may be required to be paid in installments. For those who do not want to pay such a high maturity, banks with low interest rate loan can be recommended.

Apart from North Credit and BNN Finansbank, the banks that offer the lowest interest rates include:

BNN Finansbank’s Low Interest Loan

BNN Finansbank is one of the leading banks for low interest rate loan. The interest rate applied for this loan with a limit of up to 50 thousand TL is 1.59%. BNN Finansbank also offers the opportunity to postpone installments for 3 months for a loan with a maturity of 60 months.

In addition, people can create a payment plan that best suits their budget. In addition to the 3-month deferred loan, other general purpose loans provided by BNN Finansbank with low interest rates are as follows:

  • Easy pay loan,
  • Meet loan,
  • Birthday loan,
  • Debt transfer loan,
  • Public & Financing loan.

Eligible Loan With CEPTEEBE Application

Eligible Loan With CEPTEEBE Application

CEPTEEBE is one of the addresses providing easy loan. EBE offers some privileges to its customers who apply for loans through this channel in order to encourage mobile banking. For this consumer loan, which has a limit of 50 thousand TL, a 60-month term can be made. Interest rate varies according to the number of maturities. Interest rates applied by the number of terms are as follows:

  • 1.59% for 1-3 months,
  • 1.69% for 4-12 months,
  • 1.79% for 13-60 months.

Requirements to apply for this general purpose loan include being over the age of 18 and being able to officially document income. In addition, in some cases, the bank may request guarantors or mortgages.

Undocumented Needs Loan From GB Bank

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For undocumented, unsigned consumer loan, GB Bank’s mobile application, GB Bank Direkt, must be downloaded to the mobile phone. When giving this loan, GB Bank only looks over 18 years old and has a good credit rating.

Those who fulfill this condition can make their applications from GB Bank Direkt application and start using their loans instantly. The maturity of this loan, which has a limit of 50 thousand TL, is 60 months. The interest rate applied by GB Bank for its customers is 1.98%.

How to Get VBC Bank E-Credit?

VBC Bank e-Loan application way is through internet banking. People looking for suitable campaigns in consumer loans may choose VBC Bank. VBC Bank is also among the banks with an appropriate interest rate. The bank implements an interest rate of 1.74% for a 20-month loan of 60 months maturity.

In order to apply for this loan, it is necessary to access VBC Bank’s website first. Then click the e-Credit link at the top of the screen, and the Apply Now option should be selected on the page that opens. At the last stage, the loan application can be completed by entering the information requested by the bank.

Best bank’s Consumer Loan Campaign

Best bank gives the option to postpone installments for 3 months for general purpose loans. This consumer loan, which has a maturity of 60 months, can be drawn up to 90 thousand TL. Best bank is also among the banks that provide consumer loans with low interest rates. Best bank applies 1.78% interest for the general purpose loan, in which the most appropriate payment plan can be created for the budget. This loan application can be easily made through the website as well as the bank branches.

With interest rates on loans to other banks of machines you can use the loan calculator to calculate loans. Or you can calculate the loan interest rates of the bank you want from the banks page.

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